Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Voice

I tried to wash my eyes so that I could wake up. I looked at the watch with my eyes half open half closed, still wanting to shut down and go to bed. 
The watch said half past two in the morning. 
I knew it was an odd time but "I have to do this!" I told myself. "Time is never an issue for a writer! And in fact the night is the best time to write, with so much silence!"

"Oh for GOD sake switch off the light and go back to sleep you fool!!" someone screamed from somewhere. I looked around to find who it was.
"Hello Mr.! Where are you looking? I am speaking from inside you." The voice replied again.
"Inside me?? What the crap are you talking? Are you some kind of ghost or something?" I was terrified. 
"Aaah! You idiot haven't you seen those Indian movies where in the inner conscience reflects in the mirror and talks with the hero! Arey yaar I am your 'Antar-Atma'."
"What the crap are you talking! Why don't you show yourself!" I screamed with fear.
"Well sorry dude! We Antar-Atmas have not yet evolved so much that we can show up ourselves." The voice replied calmly.
I didn't know what to do at all. Fear, confusion, bewilderment, every strange emotion seems to haunt me. 
"How can I trust. I need proof!" I rambled something out of my mouth finally.
"Proof?? Well it's like asking yourself who are you! Well I won't mind your stupidity, go on." 
"Tell me my name..and.. my date of birth!" 
"Mythreya... a.k.a matty, maddy... born on 23rd feb 87 at Kurnool, a small city in Andhra Pradesh. Want more proof? Ask me!"
"My favourite color?"
"black and white. And you like these colours because your ex-girl friend Pooja loved them. And don't be stunned. I also know everything about Pooja. I know that you still love her somewhere deep in your heart, though you pretend as if you have forgotten her and moved on. So what more do you want to know? The first time you met her? The first time you held her hand? First kiss? About your first....."
"Enough! Shut up now! Why the hell are you out of my body suddenly! Let me work. I am a writer!" 
"Aaaaaaaah! Don't tell me this crap! Writer! Who the hell told you so?" 
"Writer! Nice way to cover up your joblessness. The thing is your are worthless."
"Now if you don't shut up...."
"What can you do to me? Can you punch yourself? Can you kick yourself? Ha ha ha. Atleast someone is having fun!"
"I don't want to talk to you. Let me do my work. I am begging you, Please!"
"Aah! I hate it when you cry like a sissy. Well show me what are you writing."
"Huh?? I cannot show you anything now...."
"Then tell me your story........ I will tell you how is it."
"Ok.. wait..... well.. I was thinking to write a horror story."
"A horror story! Humm... go on... tell me what it is..."

"The story beings in a gloomy night... the door opens slowly....'keeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk'... the monstrous witch enters... her long poisonous teeth... her sharp nails.... her hair all messed up.... she is very very scary.... and aaaaaah.. yes... who is her victim...  a poor thin man. Yes this is it. This is it!!"
"Whaaaaaat! This does not sound like a horror story to me. This is every married man's story!"
"Oooh is it! I never thought of it that way.. humm... poor chaps! Well... how about romantic stories! Yes romance it is...."
"Humm.. well .. let us see.."
"Romance.. love.... humm.. love happens in college right! College stairs.... before the library.... a beautiful girl is walking with books in her hands... and opposite to her.. a handsome young boy.. is walking straight down towards her.... she is walking.... he is coming .... she is walking.. he is coming... and then suddenly......'DASSSHHH' they hit each other... the books fall down.... the girl bends down to pick up them... the boy helps her.... both of them see each other... eyes meet eyes... breathe meets breathe... and love takes birth... yes.. this is it....THIS IS IT!!!!"
"Hello oo Mr we are not living in the eighties... this is the twenty first century.... love does not happen like this.... today everything is love.. online marriages.... and ...sometimes... even. online... ...honeymoon....."
"yeah  yeah.. saw it in some site..."
"Oh! Humm... how about an action thriller?"
"Just shut up haan! You lack everything. Have you read the book "how to write fiction" by Dick Harry? Or his "1001 fiction plots"?"
"Dick harry? Who is he? Is he a famous writer? Has he written any famous stories?"
"Oh no! He is not into fiction. He just helps people write fiction!"

"Well you see there should be planning, you should have a format on how to write a story.... make a plan... choose the plot.... choose the characters... mix some emotions.... add some masala to the climax... and we have a perfect story!" 
"ooh... doesn't it look like cooking a dish!"
"Well story writing is in fact cooking..... that's why they say...'cooking up a story!'"

"What the hell are you talking to yourself at five in the morning! Didn't you sleep?" My mom suddenly came from the behind.
"Woooh! Mom.. you scared me! I was cooking....err...writing a story!"
"oh! So you got a story? No.... i figured out I don't have the right ingredients!"
"Huh? Humm.. this boy is really crazy!"

p.s: people say when you are confused listen to your inner-conscience. I did it and I got this!



sana said...

hmmm.....but i was expecting rao's part2!

Matty said...

well u will soon hear that also..

anu said...

hey matty, nice one. waiting for the raos part 2

Matty said...

ooh sure yaar..
thats next!

Mallika said...


srinivas said...

nice one...

Matty said...

thanks mallika and srinivas

keerthi said...

hmmm even i was expecting Rao's part2

hey, you've improved a lot...
you finally got over your silly typos..
this is nice way to let people know about u...
wow!! liked the ANTAR-ATMA reveal few inner stories/secrets.. :)

good work..but there is always a scope for improvement..
good luck!!

Matty said...

someone told me to "drop the idea of part2"
now i have made up my mind..
a part2 is arriving.

humm thanks.
the thing is i re read my post this time.
and ma'am this was not about me..
its fiction fiction fiction all the way...

mathi said...

this voice seems good man ... i read the rao's story . its either too long or too mundane or both i think ! this one s a nice narration of a creator's lull . probably every one who writes d ve felt like this some day (includes me )

Matty said...

thanks mathi

Vinayak said...

oh great
antar atma tells how to cook a dish
err how to write a story

very nicely written
gotta read more stories in ur blog

Mythreya said...

thanks vinyak..
he he..

well. happy reading...