Friday, December 5, 2014

The other side of Love!

"How happy is the Blameless vestal's lot!
 The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
 Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind!
 Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned: "
                   - Eloisa to Abelard, Alexander Pope, 1717.

In this famous poem by Alexander Pope, the character Eloisa, begs god for forgetfulness, as her lover Abelard is no longer able to reciprocate her feelings.

This poem also inspired one of my favorite movies, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", written by Charlie Kaufmann.

I understand some relationships turn sour and end bitterly than we expect, but it keeps me wondering, is it always about the end?
Is it the hate which lies in the end of the relationship, so important, that those countless wonderful moments you shared have to vanish in thin air? The wonderful days and nights you spent together laughing, making love, whispering into each other's ears, kissing goodbyes, all these today are lost and all that remains is the bitterness, the resentfulness. And even if you erase all those memories, all those moments, will you find happiness? Filling yourself with nothing but vaccum, will it help you in finding peace? I don't know....

Interestingly, scientists believe that, love has really nothing to do with heart and it is all bullshit that the greeting card companies and the movies have been playing with our minds. It is basically a mixture of lust, attraction and attachment. And all these are played out by chemicals and harmones.
Oh yes, they tell me, that it is the harmones - oxytocin & vaspopressin, that keeps everyone together for years, my parents, your parents, everyone we know, and not love.

A professor in Psychology, conducted this experiment. He gathered few subjects, and asked two strangers each of the opposite sex to meet each other and share there intimate details about their lives for half an hour, and spend the next four minutes deeply staring into each other's eyes without uttering a word.
The result - by the end of 34th minute, the couple feels deeply attracted to each other.
Few of his subjects even got married after the experiment.

For me, after knowing this, I am confused. All those things I imagined and thought about love, all that we learnt from Shar Rukh Khan, the movies, the romantic novels, all that crap was just utter bullshit? I feel cheated?
Yes..we have been the preys of marketing and story-telling.

But then, it also puts me in utter confusion, that I can fall in love with anyone of the opposite sex whom i meet for 34 minutes? Naaah... I still think I will fool my brain and tell it that there is some connections with the heart. And that it is not easy to fall in love....neither easy to fall out of love.....I chose to remain in ignorance for they say "ignorance is bliss".

I end this on quoting Socrets, Plato & Freud, all of them have been known to quote love to be a mental disease, which makes you sick and makes u suffer. Now I know, why they were called the Wise-men!

Have a great weekend, get drunk, and watch your step before you fall. :P

P.S - Any single ladies who want to try the 34 mins experiment, please write to me.

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