Thursday, April 7, 2011

The search..

Once upon a time in a never never land... this was the time when I wandered in the streets of the unknown cities which cried out loud to me always trying to say something.. trying to find answers to unframed questions.. trying to solve the mystery without knowing what actually the mystery was..

Yes that was the time!

I always wondered how they did it? I mean how could just anyone do it?
It's not that I have not attempted it myself or I am a total starter. I have tried, though I agree that they were not my best but nevertheless I tried. Was I naive? Was there a process i missed? Is there a formula?
Damn it.. why can't I just know what is it that's missing? What is the fucking secret ingredient!!


Finding her was always the difficult part. I was so damn confused always. I mean it's not that I have not tried searching for her. But the image of her was so blur in my head that I could never even see her complete face.
One thing that kept me driving was her eyes. Crystal clear like the blue ocean yet very deceiving. They were the only thing I always kept looking for.

Those eyes...

I could kill for them. Now it was like I was addicted to them.

Well.. when it comes to him, I would not say it was that difficult but not that easy also. I saw him once or twice. But then I tend him loose him always. He changed every time I met him, every time I spoke to him.

But deep down I knew... I just had to find her and he would come running.

Once I get both of them together it will all be set.
I just need to add the magic potion and I am done. Finally!

But ..

The question again is where to find the potion?

Before you think about it let me confess myself - Yes! The irony is I have nothing and yet everything.


They say you could find it anywhere. You just have to keep looking under the sky.

I went to the mountains first, then the valleys... then the river. Nope it was not there.

The villages.. the towns.. the cities.. nothing seem to have given it refuge.

I asked everyone for it - the young and the old; the beauty and the ugly; the dead and the living - none had it.

I rode the horses and reached the city of the god. They said it was found here once.
I searched and searched. No clue of it. Nothing at all.

Could it be in the brothels? Have the virgins of the village hid it secretly?
I met all of them - the loved - unloved; Men and women, even the queen's eunuchs couldn't tell me it's whereabouts.

I looked at the sun, I could not see it directly.
I was lost in the desert. No where to go.

I crawled, I begged for water and food. I knew was dying. The end had arrived.
All I wanted was to touch it once. Was to look at it.

"Find both of them and give it to them." So that they could fulfill the prophecy.

But I never found it.

Never. . . . .

Well the question still remains - "Where is the story!!!"